• We have developed original software that resizes the original 3D video files allowing for optimal viewing with VR glasses and headsets.


  • This is an experimental platform and the website is for developmental purposes.


  • Our Channel is not interfering with any conventional home 3D market via TVs (broadcasting emissions or Blu-ray playback) and their profits. We are not their competitors. We are merely promoting and giving completely new users access to 3D technology, users who cannot watch 3D out from our platform.


  • Our goal is to demonstrate that the Media Industry could attain access to the global market with us through this new distribution channel, a real second option for 3D technology.


  • If you represent any company with the legal rights of some of the titles shown here, you can contact us below to ask for more information or collaborate with us, or you can notice us the deleting of the titles you represent. Take in consideration than our project is the perfect convergence of video streaming plus new technologies, because it adds the independence of selecting online content with the convenience and flexibility to be watched on a mobile.


  • Potential income with publicity and other resources are to cover our costs.


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